The Vital Role of Community Health Volunteers in Advancing Healthcare in Rural Kenya

To gain deeper insight into Community health volunteers’ work In Kenya, and how to best support them with digital learning and health solutions, Health[e]Foundation travelled to the rural community of Isibania. Here, we meet Catherine, a seasoned CHV who provides specialized care to pregnant women and children under the age of five in her community.

Introducing our new Gender[e]Quality and Emergency [e]Response programs in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) and Health[e]Foundation continue their successful collaboration on blended learning programs to strengthen the Ethiopian health system. Recently, we commenced two new tailor-made-training programs with Nuffic, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Orange Knowledge ProgrammeThe Orange Knowledge Programme is a Dutch global development programme managed by Nuffic, a Dutch […]

Launch milestone: LUCY live in Kenya!

Health[e]Foundation and Amref Health Africa are happy to announce that the LUCY app has been officially launched in Kenya. LUCY is now available in English and Swahili and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and App Store at no costs. LUCY is a smartphone app that aims to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and […]

Health[e]Foundation at MoodleMoot Global 2022

Last week, Health[e]Foundation travelled to Barcelona to attend the MoodleMoot Global 2022. This 3-day conference brought together 835 Moodlers (i.e. people with a specific interest in Moodle as open source digital learning platform) from 60 countries around the world to learn from each other, explore, and share best practices for the future of education. Health[e]Foundation’s […]

The French Module 4 of the Drug Decriminalisation is launched!

‘De jure’ vs ‘de facto’, ‘police discretion’ vs ‘judge decision’… decrim models vary greatly.
Module 4 of the #DrugDecrim [e]Course helps you navigate these differences & strengthen your advocacy.
Available in English AND French at:
Module 4 of the #DrugDecrim [e]Course approaches the challenging & crucial question of designing a good policy framework.

Positive Vibes from Uganda

Three years after completing the Health[e]Living program in Uganda, Health[e]Foundation is glad to still receive Positive Vibes from the program. Impact stories are shared by alumni participants who continue to use their tablets and training material for hosting informative and engaging sessions with young people and adolescents in their communities.

Follow-up workshop for in-service midwives in Addis Ababa

As both the humanitarian crisis and COVID-19 pandemic continue to have a profound impact on day-to-day life in Ethiopia, it has become challenging but even more so important to train health workers. Therefore we are specifically proud to see the success of our learners in Addis Ababa, who managed to complete the Pandemic[e]Response training in the midst of hectic times and are very grateful for the work of the local implementers and stakeholders.

Postgraduate training opportunities for community workers in Suriname

Community workers have an important role in giving health information and support to their communities. In Suriname, community workers are employed by social & community-based organizations active in fields varying from supporting marginalised groups in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to providing first-line care in rural areas. Despite the different scopes of these organizations, there is one overarching need: the need for postgraduate training for community workers.