Strengthening maternal and neonatal health in Ethiopia in the midst of a global health emergency

The COVID-19 pandemic is jeopardizing the routine health services of Ethiopian midwives. The African Journal of Reproductive Health affirms that Ethiopian midwives struggle with the consequences of COVID-19 while ensuring safe deliveries. Health workers report that COVID-19 travel restrictions in Ethiopia are forcing pregnant women to give birth at home. Moreover, staff involved in the provision of SRHR services have been diverted to fulfill other tasks, clinics have been closed, and people are reluctant to visit health facilities for SRH services. Hence, the need to train midwives in performing their core tasks during these daring circumstances is evident.

Sustaining Mobile Health Applications in Africa

Nils van Osten is a recent master graduate who, as part of his studies, conducted research on the sustainability of Mobile Health (mHealth) in developing countries. As part of his research, Health[e]Foundation was interviewed about our LUCY project in Ethiopia and its sustainability as a mobile health application.