Success of Mrs. Godada, A Health Extension Worker in Ethiopia

The Health[e]Foundation and Nuru Ethiopia are implementing the Health[e]Family program for 50 health extension workers (HEWs) in Boreda and Kucha Woreda, in collaboration with the Gamo Zone, Boreda, and Kucha Woreda health offices. This program is funded by Diophte and Stichting Virtutis Opus. The aim of this program is to improve maternal and newborn health […]

Bridging the digital divide to end preventable maternal and child mortality

Last year, Nuru Ethiopia and Health[e]Foundation launched a new partnership. Together, we are committed to ending preventable maternal and child mortality in southern Ethiopia by bridging the digital divide. Through this partnership, Nuru Ethiopia and Health[e]Foundation expanded their opportunities for supporting expectant women by enhancing the capacity of Health Extension Workers (HEWs) through blended learning. […]

Health[e]Family program launched in Ethiopia and Kenya

Following months of preparation with needs assessments, sensitization, and the development of the Health[e]Family e-course, as well as the design and testing of the LUCY Care app, at last we started the actual capacity strengthening of Health Extension Workers (HEWs) and supervisors at Boreda and Kucha woreda in Ethiopia, and Community Health Representatives and Promotors […]

The Vital Role of Community Health Volunteers in Advancing Healthcare in Rural Kenya

To gain deeper insight into Community health volunteers’ work In Kenya, and how to best support them with digital learning and health solutions, Health[e]Foundation travelled to the rural community of Isibania. Here, we meet Catherine, a seasoned CHV who provides specialized care to pregnant women and children under the age of five in her community.

10,000 pregnancies supported by LUCY

Health[e]Foundation’s LUCY journey started in March 2020, when we first launched the LUCY app to facilitate healthy and informed pregnancies among (expectant) women in Suriname. With tailored health information, (expectant) women in Suriname have been empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their babies. Following successful implementation in Suriname, […]

Joined forces: Nuru and Health[e]Foundation for “Informed mothers and healthy babies in Ethiopia and Kenya”

Health[e]Foundation, Nuru Ethiopia, and Nuru Kenya are teaming up for yet another exciting collaborative project to implement the LUCY maternal and neonatal health app among (expectant) mothers in southern Ethiopia and western Kenya. The LUCY app provides accurate, personalized, and accessible health information and helps (expectant) mothers to make healthy and informed decisions about their […]

New project launched – Digital solutions to improve healthcare access in Ethiopia.

Health[e]Foundation and Nuru Ethiopia are working together to use digital solutions to improve healthcare access for mothers and children in Ethiopia. The project, supported by the Fund for Innovation in Development (FID), will use an e-learning module and the LUCY app to enhance the knowledge of community-based Health Extension Workers (HEWs) and (pregnant) women on […]

Launch milestone: LUCY live in Kenya!

Health[e]Foundation and Amref Health Africa are happy to announce that the LUCY app has been officially launched in Kenya. LUCY is now available in English and Swahili and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and App Store at no costs. LUCY is a smartphone app that aims to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and […]