Piloting Success: Lift Leprosy Learning Soars!

Over the past few months, the Lift Leprosy Learning project (LLL), an initiative funded by the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP) and partners such as NLR, and Health[e]Foundation have been collaborating on a new blended learning program aimed at reducing health-related stigma and improving mental wellbeing. Since November 2023, a total of 16 participants from […]

The Vital Role of Community Health Volunteers in Advancing Healthcare in Rural Kenya

To gain deeper insight into Community health volunteers’ work In Kenya, and how to best support them with digital learning and health solutions, Health[e]Foundation travelled to the rural community of Isibania. Here, we meet Catherine, a seasoned CHV who provides specialized care to pregnant women and children under the age of five in her community.

Introducing our new Gender[e]Quality and Emergency [e]Response programs in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) and Health[e]Foundation continue their successful collaboration on blended learning programs to strengthen the Ethiopian health system. Recently, we commenced two new tailor-made-training programs with Nuffic, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Orange Knowledge ProgrammeThe Orange Knowledge Programme is a Dutch global development programme managed by Nuffic, a Dutch […]

New project launched – Digital solutions to improve healthcare access in Ethiopia.

Health[e]Foundation and Nuru Ethiopia are working together to use digital solutions to improve healthcare access for mothers and children in Ethiopia. The project, supported by the Fund for Innovation in Development (FID), will use an e-learning module and the LUCY app to enhance the knowledge of community-based Health Extension Workers (HEWs) and (pregnant) women on […]

Health[e]Foundation 20th anniversary

This summer we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Health[e]Foundation. What started two decades ago as a journey travelling with computer terminals on the back of a truck to healthcare workers in internet-deprived places, aiming to provide blended e-learning  on HIV/AIDS care and management, is 20 years later an specialized organization with experts offering digital education […]

Sustainable embedding of e-learning in Ethiopia

Since 2015, Health[e]Foundation collaborated with the Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) in multiple programs on capacitating midwives and midwifery students in order to strengthen healthcare systems and communities in Ethiopia. But how are these programs sustained after the program duration has ended? Our programs develop and deliver digital health education in the form of blended-learning (workshops […]

Another year of positive impact: the Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course in 2022

30 June 2021 marked the date of the launch of the Drug Decriminalisation[e]Course. In collaboration with the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Mainline Foundation, and Frontline AIDS the course was developed to move the world towards decriminalisation and away from the war on drugs. 2022 was another year in which the Drug Decriminalisation[e]Course positively impacted […]

Kick-off of the PAVIA e-course collaboration

Monday 21 November 2022, we kicked-off our collaboration with the PAVIA consortium (Pharmacovigilance Africa). For the next three months, we will work together on the transition of two PAVIA e-courses to an open-source e-learning platform. PAVIA is a consortium funded by the European Developing countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) that aims to strengthen pharmacovigilance (PV) […]

Launching our East Africa hub

Health[e]Foundation’s East Africa hub has been launched! Last week, our Senior Project Manager Daphne Elberse travelled to Kampala for the launch of the hub. We are pleased to announce that the hub will be led by Henry Tumwijukye as the Regional Representative, and it will be serving the East Africa region. Over the years, Health[e]Foundation […]