Reflecting on the success of the ‘Care in Hand’ program in Suriname

In 2019, we started our collaboration with Stichting Perisur and together implemented the ‘Care in Hand’ program in Suriname. This program aimed to strengthen the capacity for health professionals and community workers, and provide information for pregnant women and mothers of newborns. The three pillars of this program are blended-learning training for health professionals, blended-learning for community workers, and the LUCY maternal health app.

“You realize you are the key for change”

You realize you are the key for change. This truthful and inspirational quote can be applicable to almost anything in life, but in this caserefers to a testimony of a community health worker (CHW) in Suriname who participated in theHealth[e]Community blended e-learning training, developed and facilitated by Health[e]Foundationand Stichting Perisur. During an interview this participant […]

Eight days, eight districts, eight workshops

Monday 14th of June 2021, our local partners at Rinda Ubuzima and the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) started an exciting series of eight kick-off workshop in southwestern Rwanda to initiate the second round of trainings for community health workers (CHWs) as part of the Health[e]Community Rwanda program.

Crowd funding for Philippines

Help us train 100 adolescents in the Philippines as trainers over a year’s time through our blended learning concept