10,000 pregnancies supported by LUCY

Health[e]Foundation’s LUCY journey started in March 2020, when we first launched the LUCY app to facilitate healthy and informed pregnancies among (expectant) women in Suriname. With tailored health information, (expectant) women in Suriname have been empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their babies. Following successful implementation in Suriname, […]

LUCY’s second anniversary: empowered mothers around the globe

Two years ago, LUCY, Health[e]Foundation’s smartphone application for pregnant women and mothers of newborns was first launched in Suriname. Since its introduction, a lot of developments have taken place: LUCY expanded rapidly in Suriname; LUCY was introduced in Ethiopia; and LUCY reached women on a global scale. Time to reflect: what have we achieved and […]

MyHealth@Hand on tour!

Last week project managers Judith de Lange and Myrna Derksen travelled to Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. The most important item in their luggage was a smartphone with the very first test version of the app MyHealth@Hand. MyHealth@Hand is a self-management tool for pregnant woman. The app enables women to store and access their personal health […]

Coming in 2014: HeF2.0 App Launch

Coming in 2014: HeF2.0 App Launch As you may already know, Health[e]Foundation is going with the flow of technological advancements! Our developers are working hard to finish the HeF application for Android powered tablets and smartphones. In July the first test version of the application with the Treat’n Care[e]Education course was launched. Health[e]Foundations’ team tested […]