Health[e]Foundation “live” in Africa again!

One of the global “side effects” of the COVID-19 pandemic is the realization of the power of the digitalization. For more than two years, most of Health[e]Foundations’ day-to-day activities took place online from our home offices; we are proud that all program activities, and more, could successfully continue while teaming up at a distance and […]

Evaluating the user experience of Moodle among healthcare professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa

A group of 43 enthusiastic healthcare workers from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda completed the Corona[e]Education minicourse during May 2021. This minicourse was provided as a part of a research project conducted by Camila Cuadrado, a first-year master's student from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam program: Management, Policy Analysis, and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences.

Sustaining Mobile Health Applications in Africa

Nils van Osten is a recent master graduate who, as part of his studies, conducted research on the sustainability of Mobile Health (mHealth) in developing countries. As part of his research, Health[e]Foundation was interviewed about our LUCY project in Ethiopia and its sustainability as a mobile health application.