Mobile health apps

Mobile health apps
Mobile health applications are health apps which can be used on a mobile phone or tablet, providing users with access to health information and allowing them to track personal health data. Mobile health solutions can be used on-the-go, making it an important additional health service in addition to regular medical consultations, especially in communities with limited access to healthcare services.

Mobile health apps

Worldwide, smartphone usage is growing rapidly. In resource restricted areas, many people do not own a phone, rely on limited feature phones or have no internet access. Thus, not all mobile health applications are suitable for each environment. To reach the last mile and create impact for people in remote areas, it is important to understand the mobile health system of a country or community and have an inclusive approach when developing mobile health services.

Mobile health solutions

An integrated approach of educating healthcare professionals and informing community members results in positive health outcomes. Since 2017, Health[e]Foundation has provided mobile health solutions for developing countries, initially focusing on voice and text services for limited feature phone users, recently expanding to mobile health apps for smartphone users. The mobile health information reinforces the healthcare workers’ messages and empowers the community with accurate health information. Our mobile health services are adapted to the local context and language; are easily accessible and user-friendly; and are co-created based on our partners’ and the users’ needs. This synergetic approach leads to:

Better communication between healthcare workers and patients.

Decreased workload for healthcare workers.

Empowered community members, who are in charge of their own health. ​

Our mobile health services


LUCY is a maternal health app supporting pregnant women and mothers of newborns worldwide.

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TENA is a mobile interactive voice response app providing health information on topics related to the pandemic.

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