E-learning programs for healthcare professionals and community health workers

E-learning programs for healthcare professionals and community health workers
Since 2003, Health[e]Foundation has been empowering healthcare professionals and vulnerable communities around the world with custom e-learning solutions.

Our global health curriculum consists of e-learning programs on topics such as maternal and child health; SRHR; mental health; advocacy; infectious diseases; and community health and disease prevention. Our e-learning programs have been enjoyed by almost 100,000 learners across the world, especially in rural and resource-deprived settings. Participants can learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, be it offline or online.

Introducing our e-learning solutions to healthcare professionals in Dar es Salam, Tanzania

Custom e-learning programs

We offer global health education programs that use digital online and offline e-learning methods. Tailoring our custom e-learning solutions to the specific needs of the target group and their situation is key in the development of our programs. We make sure that our beneficiaries, usually healthcare professionals and community health workers around the world, receive up-to-date information written by renowned health experts. By creating an inclusive environment, engaging different cadres of healthcare professionals and community health workers, we stimulate interaction, understanding, and impact.

Curriculum library

Health[e]Foundation offers an extensive e-learning curriculum on the topics of maternal and child health; SRHR; community health and disease prevention; mental health; advocacy; and infectious diseases. Our organization is affiliated with the Amsterdam-UMC, University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and relies on a global network of experts who write and update the content of the e-learning programs. To enhance sustainability and maintain local support, Health[e]Foundation forms cooperative partnerships with local, well-established organizations and stakeholders in countries where it works. Together with these partners, we adapt our curricula to local settings, using national guidelines and regulations and taking cultural aspects into account.

Successful participants of our Health[e]Living program in Kampala, Uganda
Participants at a Kick-off workshop for our Female&Family[e]education program in Gondar, Ethiopia

Open-source learning manage­ment system

Learning management systems are platforms on which learners can easily access e-learning courses from anywhere in the world, on all kinds of devices (smartphones, PCs, laptops or tablets). We adopted Moodle as a powerful open-source and trustworthy platform. The majority (80%) of e-learning programs in Africa run on Moodle. Our platform is designed to provide a personalized learning experience where learners can also network and learn from each other. Moodle enables customized content and monitoring of participants’ learning progress. Designing an e-learning program in the platform is flexible and can be customized for specific target groups and situations. Our courses are developed with state-of-the-art educational tools, and provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. Our e-course curriculum can be accommodated on any open-source platform, as the e-modules are developed using the universal SCORM format, a common approach in the e-learning industry.

Our learning approach

Blended learning

Health[e]Foundation uses the blended learning approach in our programs – a combination of traditional face-to-face learning and self-initiated e-learning solutions. It provides convenience and effectiveness for individualized and collaborative learning. It also encourages participants to take responsibility for their own learning and time-management, with a greater sense of community, thanks to the face-to-face workshops.

Kick-off workshop

Our programs kick-off with a small-scale workshop where participants are introduced to the program and learning platform. They also interact with local experts, who are invited as guest speakers to ensure context-specific coverage and local relevance. Networking with other participants is key benefit of the workshops.


Participants start the e-learning course, which is hosted on our open-source learning management system and provides a personalized learning experience. Learners can access the context-specific content and learn at their pace, either online or offline, on various devices.

Follow-up workshop

Key topics are addressed in a collaborative setting focusing on the learners’ needs and day-to-day practice. Knowledge gain is evaluated, and the training course is monitored and evaluated. Successful participants receive a certificate from the Amsterdam-UMC, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Continuous education

Our alumni are encouraged to join the alumni network and have access to continuous educational opportunities.