Health[e]Foundation and AFEW International continue their partnership

We are excited to continue our partnership with AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) International and revive our CBPR[e]Education blended learning training for a multi-country project that will prepare participants to conduct research in vulnerable communities!

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is an important approach that contributes to the body of knowledge on how to reach out to and engage with key population members and how to design culturally and age-appropriate services. By involving community members and other important stakeholders in the research process the true needs of these communities will be reflected in the subsequent tailored programming, ultimately leading to improved wellbeing of these communities.

AFEW International has a strong presence in the Eastern European and Central Asian region and is committed to promote health and increase access to prevention, treatment, and care for major public health concerns such as HIV, TB, viral hepatitis, and sexual and reproductive health. In Russia, for instance, AFEW has focused on service delivery to young people who use drugs in response to the increase of drug use among young people, associated with high and often irreversible risks for health. In this context, CBPR can make a huge difference to communities and help organizations to strengthen their impact by ensuring that young people who use drugs are helped in a way that meets their needs.

In April 2022, we have kicked-off the CBPR[e]Education in AFEW’s Amsterdam office and met with the AFEW ambassadors that will roll out this program in the target countries. In the next steps, the ambassadors will provide revisions on the six e-learning modules to ensure that the training includes the latest trends in the CBPR approach. Together with AFEW, we will devise a strategic plan to implement this program and ensure its impact in vulnerable communities.

Kick-off workshop in AFEW Amsterdam office
Kick-off workshop in AFEW’s Amsterdam office – April 2022