Welcome to our new colleague Hailu!

The Health[e]Foundation team is very pleased to welcome Hailu Kassa to the team. We are looking forward to working with Hailu and to the valuable contribution that he will make to further enhance our impact in Ethiopia.

Hi, I am Hailu Kassa. It is with great enthusiasm that I am pleased and honored to join the Health[e]Foundation team. This is a great opportunity for me to share my experience and learn from the HeF team, a leading player in the health sector, especially to expedite an untouchable part of its contribution towards enhancing and empowering citizens in Africa as well as globally.

Hence, throughout twelve years plus, I have gained in-depth knowledge of establishing, leading, and fundraising non-governmental organizations (NGOs), conducting all aspects of the execution of health care programs, having strong influencing and communication skills, a problem-solving attitude, NGOs project follow-up and analytical skills; and detailed analysis of monitoring and evaluation; and working in a challenging and changing environment.

I have the required qualification and substantial range of experience and skills to work as a team with suitable action, striving for the continued success of the Health[e]Foundation’s objectives and strategies to engage in prudent fundraising practices to impact the health sector and improve the way of life of African citizens as well as globally.