Welcome Henry to the team!

Health[e]Foundation is excited to welcome Henry Tumwijukye to our team. Henry brings to Health[e]Foundation vast experience in fostering working collaborations both at individual and institutional levels. His knowledge of the Foundation’s culture and institutional foundations over the years will be useful additions as we aim to expand the reach of Health[e]Foundation across Eastern Africa.

We took the opportunity to ask Henry a few questions on his new role and on the topic of global health and digital learning. Henry comes from a background as a lawyer though he has spent the entire span of his career working in research–intensive and academic institutions whose focus is health.  He has over the years worked to develop/support research and grants’ management activities at institutions in LMICs. Throughout these endeavors he has gained exposure to the dire challenges and needs of Global Health but also got to experience the intense need for regional and global collaborative efforts in capacity building and research (especially between developed and LMICs countries) as part of the efforts to improve global health.

“My view of global health is thus expressed well through my focus and attention to fostering collaboration between global health partners. I believe that global health solutions are only best achieved through well – knitted global collaborations.”

Henry interacted with Health[e]Foundation initially through his role at AIGHD (then through his colleague Dr. Nadine Pakker, current executive Director of Health[e]Foundation). Whereas he was then not a team member, he was always following the activities especially with Institutions in Uganda (such as TASO). When he was approached to support the establishment of the East African Hub, he was more than glad to be part of the great team at Health[e]Foundation.

“I am excited because Health[e]Foundation occupies that space that is looking into the future models of imparting knowledge and supporting institutions in capacity building through e-learning and digital platforms.”

You can reach Henry at henry@healthefoundation.eu