Welcome back Jessica

The Health[e]Foundation team is very pleased to welcome Jessica Trollip back on board to conduct her academic research internship with our organization. We are looking forward to working with Jessica again and the valuable contribution that she will make to further improve the impact of our LUCY maternal and neonatal health app.

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I am a first year student from the Global Health Research Master at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After assisting with a feasibility study for LUCY Morocco in 2021, I have reconnected with Health[e] Foundation as a research intern as part of my Master studies. This time, I will be conducting a mixed-methods impact assessment of LUCY: Maternal Health and Neonatal App, with a focus on Suriname. I hope that within the next six months, a deeper understanding of the impact that LUCY has had on users will become known, through both a quantitative analysis as well as conducting interviews with key stakeholders. The primary focus will be the effect of LUCY to the adherence to antenatal and postnatal care visits, as well as on child immunisation rates. Additional areas of research include whether LUCY has had a positive impact on decreasing the number of preventable complications during a pregnancy, but also promoting healthy living amongst women during and after their pregnancy. I am very excited, and enthusiastic about this opportunity! I hope my research at Health[e]Foundation will highlight the positive contributions that LUCY is making towards improving maternal and child health in Suriname, but also globally.