Treat ‘n Care Kickoff Workshop Moshi, Tanzania, December 2012

The very first Health[e]Foundation training in Moshi, Tanzania was made possible by FEMI Tanzania who are based in Moshi. Marcelina Msuya, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical School, attended a previous Health[e]Foundation workshop in Kampala and became convinced of the necessity of this training for nurses. For this first kick-off workshop we invited practicing nurses who left school for a few years.

Forty nine of the fifty nurses were present during the workshop (one nurse called in sick, but will start the course in a later time). The group of health care workers consisted of very active participants who engaged with the workshop material enthusiastically. The introduction by the Dean was followed by a welcome from Joris de Vries of the Tanzanian branch of Femi. FT Kilimanjaro is a Tanzanian NGO. Through an integrated development approach it aims to eradicate poverty in communities from the Lower Moshi, part of Moshi Rural District in the Kilimanjaro Region in northern Tanzania.

The electronic quiz “Turning Point” and the introduction to the blended learning program of Health[e]Foundation was new to all and it was wonderful for us to see all the surprised and interested faces of our participants. When invited for a training it is seldom clear that the workshops provided by Health[e]Foundation are so different and unique. They focus on being interactive, user friendly, quick and effective. While all participants were used to working with computers this was the first time they ever worked with the “Treat ‘n Care” USB stick. They were quick learners, however, and wanted to start working on the course immediately.

Plans were made for the coming three months in order to work on the 15 e-learning modules. Milestones were set by the participants and the date for the follow up workshop where feedback on the e-learning program will be provided, new discussions will be engaged with, and where the newly acquired theory will be put into practice was settled.

The morning following the workshop new plans were made at the school of nursing in order to see how this training could fit into the regular training program for nurses.
Thanks to FEMI a whole new road of possible training is opened in Tanzania!