Thinking outside the box: Health[e]Living in Uganda

With the Netherlands covered in snow and ice, project manager Myrna Derksen was pleased to travel to Uganda to facilitate the workshops for the Health[e]Living project for community workers and educators at the TASO Kanyanya Training Center in Kampala, Uganda.

Together with Health[e]Foundations’ Hanipha Kakooza, Dr. Yunus Miya (TASO) and invited guest speakers they ran a successful follow-up workshop for thirty participants who, at the end of the workshop, received their well-deserved Health[e]Living certificates after three months of e-learning and outreach to adolescents. This group was asked to help us to collect base line and end line data on knowledge and attitudes of adolescents regarding the topics of the program to measure its effectiveness. We appreciate the participants’ commitment for this extra effort and are eager to analyze and learn from these data.

In the same week, a new group of thirty participants started the e-learning course and received their personal tablet and instructions during the 2-day kick-off workshop. We are fortunate to work with this motivated group of community workers and educators from TASO, HOCDA, Dynamic Health, Kampala University and the Straight Talk Foundation. Straight Talk Foundation even sent their social media manager to share the experience on the World Wide Web!

Community workers are the cornerstone of society. With limited time and resources but relentless motivation, they make a difference for many people. What they do best is “think outside of the box”. Continue reading below the image to find out if you can think outside of the box!

Can you think outside of the box? Let’s find out with this exercise that we use in the kick-off workshop. See these nine dots? Try to connect all the dots with 4 straight lines and without lifting your pen!