The LUCY app expands to Ethiopia

The LUCY maternal and neonatal health mobile service is back at its country of origin: Ethiopia. Mid November the health application was launched in Ethiopia for Android and IOS users. The LUCY app was introduced to 30 midwifery students of the Addis Abeba University. These students will promote the app amongst their peers and clients they attend to during their clinical practise while at the same time LUCY will be rolled out to many more (student) midwives.

The Ethiopian version of the LUCY app originates from the LUCY voice/text service that was implemented during the Health[e]Families program in Ethiopia between 2017-2019. The name LUCY originates from one of our first human ancestors, named Lucy, who lived in Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago. The LUCY voice and text service was very successful with more than 10,000 registrants, showing the need to provide accurate and continuous pregnancy and newborn health information to Ethiopian women.

To make sustainable impact and anticipating on the growing smartphone market, Health[e]Foundation innovated LUCY from being a SMS/IVR service to the free-of-charge LUCY app service for smartphone owners in Ethiopia. The LUCY app is available in English, Amharic and Oromia and is adapted to the local Ethiopian setting.

Pregnant women and mothers of newborns using the LUCY app are empowered during the most exciting, but also insecure, time of their life. The app informs them about pregnancy and newborn development but also warns them about potential danger signs. This will increase the knowledge of pregnant women and mothers of newborns, enabling them to act when it is needed and make well informed decisions about their own health and health of their baby.

How to get the LUCY app

The LUCY app can be downloaded for free in the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore in English, Amharic or Oromia and Dutch.


The app can be adapted to any country specific content, in any preferred language.

Please get in touch with us via to discuss the possibilities and find out more about the LUCY app.