Taking HIV[e]Education to Bonaire

Since World AIDS Day 2016, three workshops on HIV with general practitioners (GPs) were organized in Bonaire. The goal is to stimulate integrated HIV care and encouraging GPs, the hospital, laboratories, pharmacies, insurance companies, NGOs and schools to work together to cure and prevent HIV.

Marian Luinstra-Passchier, representing Samenleving & Zorg and the head of the department, Mrs Alcira Janga-Jansen, emphasized the need for collaboration to reach the combo-prevention goals: know who is infected, treatment for who is infected and education.

The result is a thriving collaboration of the GPs, the infectiologists and specialized nurses.

Besides the local health workers, Marc van der Valk, infectiologist and head of the HIV Clinic AMC and our founder Fransje van der Waals came to support Bonaire’s initiative. All participants are introduced to the HIV[e]Education modules to improve knowledge on testing, counseling and participation in treatment. In light of integrated care on Bonaire all participants of the workshop are invited to sign up for 4 modules. We congratulate Bonaire’s initiative. The uptake of testing over the last two years is enormous: almost one third of the population is tested. The goal: find out who is infected, counsel and treat and educate. The combo cure and prevention is well started!