Successful Kickoff: New Cohort Begins Stigma and Mental Wellbeing Blended e-Learning

Last month, a new cohort of 18 learners from around the globe participated in a kickoff workshop for the Stigma and Mental Wellbeing e-learning course (SMWB). The SMWB course is part of the Lift Leprosy Learning project, which is funded by the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP).

Online Kickoff Workshop

Hosted by until No Leprosy Remains (NLR), 18 new learners from 10 different countries participated in an online kickoff workshop that allowed for learners to reflect on their own experiences, professionally and personally, of health-related stigma through interactive activities and discussions.

Christine Fenenga, technical capacity strengthening coordinator at NLR, opened the session by walking learners though basic concepts related to stigma to build a foundation for further plenary discussion. Continuing, Marente Mol, research and support officer at NLR, involved learners in an interactive MentiMeter, which allowed learners to give input, share experiences, and ask questions. Learners shared stories of how health-related stigma has impacted their work, communities, and peers. Through these impactful stories, learners began to engage in topics and concepts that will be further explored in their e-learning journey. Finally, Emma Donley, project manager Health[e]Foundation, gave a brief introduction to Health[e]Foundation and guided the learners through on how to navigate the course.

Together, this cohort will have a total of 6 weeks to go through the course before coming together again for a follow-up workshop. During these 6 weeks, learners will also have the opportunity to continue discussions, share resources, and pose questions through a community discussion forum. We anticipate these next 6 weeks to be a rich time of learning, sharing, and exploring together as learners engage with the blended Stigma and Mental Wellbeing e-course.

We are grateful to NLR for their continued partnership, and are looking forward to future collaborations!