Refugee Care[e]Education course in the Netherlands started!

Health[e]Foundation and partners developed the Refugee Care[e]Education to educate the healthcare workers involved in the care for refugees/immigrants. Central themes are health promotion and knowledge of health risks. The program consists of a kick-off workshop, an e-learning period including 8 modules and a closing workshop.

On 27 June the kick-off of workshop took place in Amsterdam with 20 physicians and physician assistants. The evening workshop embraced an interesting program with a quiz, case discussions, a lecture of Prof Joop de Jong concerning the mental health problems refugees encounter and the missing links concerning adequate care in the Netherlands. Last but not least the e-learning part of the course was introduced. The coming 3 months participants will study the modules and in October the group reconvenes for a closing workshop and extensive evaluation. We are looking forward to the feedback and the experiences of this first group of participants!

We thank Arq, War Trauma Foundation, Pharos, GGD-GHOR, Radboud and GGD Amsterdam for their participation in the development of the Refugee Care[e]Education course.