Refugee Care[e]Education

The successful ‘EUR HUMAN PHC for refugee”, an e-learning course dedicated to support primary health care workers in knowledge, treatment and care of refugees and other migrants in Greek, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Slovenian, is finished early January.

The recent cold spell in southern Europe makes the course even more important, the need for medical and support is more needed than ever. We will start in 2017 to train Dutch family practitioners in an adapted Dutch version of the course. The first training will take place in Amsterdam and together with the City health council (GGD) of Amsterdam we will provide next to new and important knowledge also care pathways for special needs to prevent unnecessary gaps in treatment and care.

The map below shows the flow of asylum seekers to European countries over time.

Europe is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Based on data from the United Nations Lucify developed this moving map.

Each moving point on the map represents 25 people. That corresponds to approximately one busload with every other seat taken.