Piloting MyHealth@Hand mobile app: A digital journey towards better pregnancy outcomes for Tanzanian women

Mothers and their newborns have a greater chance of surviving today than they did just two decades ago. Still, pregnancy and birth-related complications continue to claim the lives of millions of newborns and mothers every year. Health[e] Foundation strives to reduce such complications through digital health education and information, and self-management.

Health[e] Foundation has partnered up with Pharm Access Foundation Tanzania and Sanitas Hospital to pilot the use of our pregnancy app- MyHealth@Hand in Tanzania. This is an addition to our pilot series in Africa which began in Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda in 2018.

To ensure the app creates real user value and experience, the concept will be tested in the local context at the Sanitas Hospital in Tanzania’s business capital Dar as Salaam. Starting 1st October, our project team will travel to Dar as Salaam to introduce MyHealth@Hand app to healthcare workers and pregnant women attending clinic at Sanitas. The app enables women to properly and safely monitor their pregnancy while being empowered with relevant information and health data. Once tested and modified according to reported needs, the app will be scaled up and rolled out further within Tanzania and other regions in the Sub-Sahara and Asia. This is the next step to scaling up MyHealth@Hand; planned for early 2020.