Partner Spotlight: Local Partner becomes UNiTE member!

Partner Spotlight: Local Partner becomes UNiTE member!

Health[e]Foundation is proud of the many international and local partners we work with in all our projects, all over the world. One of those partners has recently been awarded a great honor and is about to embark on an important global mission!

People Health Development Association “PHD” was established by young people from the university. PHD is a non-political, secular, Non-Governmental organization (NGO) which focuses on working with young people in Cambodia. The organization seeks to improve the quality of life of all people specifically those made vulnerable by poverty and living with HIV/AIDS. PHD focuses on the implementation of activities on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) in communities in order to increase knowledge on these topics and empower young people by providing information.

Executive Director of PHD, Mr. Ratanak Ou, has been working with Health[e]Foundation as a guest speaker and valuable source of information and support for the Community[e]Education program in Cambodia. He was recently awarded the honor of being made a member of the “Network of Male Leaders” part of the UNiTE initiative by the Secretary-General of the United Nations; Ban Ki-Moon!

Launched in 2008, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign is a multi-year effort aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls in all parts of the world. UNiTE calls on governments, civil society, women’s organizations, young people, the private sector, the media and the entire UN system to join forces in addressing the global pandemic of violence against women and girls.

Health[e]Foundation congratulates Mr. Ratanak Ou en PHD with this wonderful honor and wish them the best of luck in their UNiTE endeavours! We are proud to work with such a meaningful partner!

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