‘No gained knowledge is ever a waste’

Health[e]Foundation strives for continuous medical education for healthcare workers. This is done by offering blended learning to selected participants in mainly low and middle income countries. Healthcare workers attend the kick-off workshop, study e-learning modules during a self-study period and conclude with a follow-up workshop. But what happens after this training cycle?

All participants that complete a blended learning training, gain free access to the more than 20 e-learning courses Health[e]Foundation offers. In this way we stimulate healthcare workers to continue learning. Sometimes we meet participants that take the continuous medical education to the next level. Like Rashida Yakubu Khalid from Nigeria, she participated in the HIV course in the beginning of 2019 and managed to complete another 4 courses in the following 3 months. As she mentioned: ‘I am a researcher who deals with a lot of women and children and I am willing to learn more about them’. She found the initial HIV blended learning training in Nigeria very motivating as it enlightened her on the new developments with regard to HIV. She feels more confident on impacting others with her newly gained knowledge on HIV. ‘Health[e]Foundation impacted me with more knowledge, beyond my expectations.’ Rashida continued with other Health[e]Foundation e-learning courses after her initial course ended. As a researcher she is interested in sensitizing the people in the rural communities whom are not opportune to know how important their health is. She feels that if she is put up for the task to teach them, then she should have all needed knowledge. Hence, she completed courses on Hepatitis, Mental health, Healthy communities and Healthy living. Rashida recommends other health professionals to continue the learning process as it also enlightens them about themself. She ends by saying: ‘No gained knowledge is ever a waste’. We are very proud of the accomplishments of Rashida and stimulate all healthcare workers to keep on learning! Check out our course overview for all (free) courses. The HIV course that Rashida finished in Nigeria in March 2019 has been made possible by Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

‘Health[e]Foundation impacted me with more knowledge, beyond my expectations.’