MyHEALTH@HAND – The new care app for the pregnant woman and her new family

Health[e]Foundation is improving the accessibility of care by developing the mobile application: ‘MyHEALTH@HAND’. The app will be developed in collaboration with the e-trend setters from Estland ELAGEM and I62.

Patients will be able to use this app to store all of their medical information on their own smartphones. They will have continual access to this information, whenever and wherever they are. By promoting the involvement of women in their own care, mother and child morbidity and mortality – which are still a major problem in Africa – will be reduced.

Health[e]Families already provides a SMS (text) service to pregnant women in Ethiopia (LUCY). Women receive free, informative SMS messages throughout their pregnancy, delivery and neonatal period. Providing health workers and women with personal health information on the MyHEALTH@HAND app is the next step.

Health[e]Foundation will train health workers to accurately populate the app and to use the electronic medical data to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of their work. At the same time, we will provide the community with the information needed to ensure that the app benefits health care for themselves, as well as for their families. We will develop the app with the most experienced group in eHealth, who are based in Estonia.