Health[e]Foundation at MoodleMoot Global 2023 

Last month, Marcel Santoso, IT Manager of Health[e]Foundation set course for Barcelona to partake in the MoodleMoot Global 2023 conference from the 18th until the 21st of September 2023. This three-day conference assembled a group of approximately 700 Moodlers from 56 countries across the globe. These enthusiasts had one thing in common; their ardor for Moodle as an open-source digital educational platform. Their combined objective was to engage in an exchange of knowledge and a cross-cultural exploration, all in the pursuit of shaping the future of education. 

Pre-conference: The Developer Jam 

The trip started with a pre-conference, the Developer Jam. This is where developers from all sorts of trades convened and coded. Developers could present their ideas, projects, crazy ideas, or problems, and other developers could join in. Health[e]Foundation came up with the idea to brainstorm on how to modify the distribution of the Moodle app preloaded with a course, so that users can utilize the learning platform in a totally offline environment. Noel de Martin, the app integrator from MoodleHQ, had a similar idea. We wrapped the Developer Jam up with a proof of concept and the conclusion that -while it is technically possible to distribute the Moodle app preloaded with a course- there are still a many implications and others factors to be taken into consideration before deployment. 

Conference theme 

The theme for the conference this year was ‘Lifelong Learning’. The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s handbook, ‘Making Lifelong Learning a Reality’, describes lifelong learning as a fusion of learning and life. It caters to individuals across all age groups, in diverse contexts, using a variety of methods to satisfy their educational needs. This UNESCO perspective served as a cornerstone, guiding and influencing our discussions on lifelong learning within Moodle’s framework. It highlights the importance of integrating learning seamlessly into every facet of life. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also took the stage prominently. The key questions asked during the panel discussion were: ‘Are our educational institutions equipped and/or prepared to address potential AI? How will regulating AI impact the education industry? How will AI have the greatest positive impact on education?’ Opinions, contradicting views, and new perspectives were discussed. 

As we look back on the event, we can conclude that we did not only learn a lot, but also had a great time making new connections within our community. Everyone was engaged throughout, and it was an enjoyable experience for all.