M-health | Smartphone app for pregnant women and mothers of newborns

Our health information service for pregnant women and mothers of newborns is now freely available for download in the Playstore and Appstore.

Following the success in Ethiopia -where LUCY was created in the form of a sms/voice service and used by more than 8,500 people– we pursued on our wish to develop a sustainable, free-of-charge solution to ensure reaching even more (pregnant) women all over the world by creating a smartphone application.

In collaboration with the Amsterdam-based app developers of Inno, the LUCY app was built and launched in Suriname early April.

About the LUCY app
Pregnant women and mothers of newborns using the LUCY app are empowered during the most exciting, but also insecure, time of their life. The app informs them about pregnancy and newborn development but also warns them about potential danger signs. This will increase the knowledge of pregnant women and mothers of newborns, enabling them to act when it is needed and make well informed decisions about their own health and health of their baby.

English and Dutch
All messages are in line with international standards. Currently, LUCY is being implemented in a project in Suriname where we collaborate with Stichting Perisur. The messages for Suriname have been adapted by experts in Suriname and national guidelines and are available in Dutch. For the international community, the app is available in English.

The app can be adapted to any country specific content, in any preferred language, please get in touch with us via info@healthefoundation.eu to discuss the possibilities or find out more about the LUCY app

The LUCY app can be downloaded via the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore (click the icons to to follow the link):