Launch announcement | The Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course is live!

Drug decriminalisation is the removal of criminal penalties for certain activities related to drug use. The key objective of decriminalisation is to end the punishment and stigmatisation of people who use drugs. When implemented alongside a harm reduction-oriented approach, decriminalisation can provide a basis from which health interventions can be voluntarily accessed by people who use drugs – without fear of stigma, arrest, and detention.

Across seven interactive, engaging modules the Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course course will provide you with videos, exercises, and key information that will equip you to help move the world towards decriminalisation and away from the war on drugs. For more information on this course, please watch the following video.

Cover photo: ‘Yes to medical support for people who use drugs! No to their imprisonment!’ Still from the Support. Don’t Punish 2019 Global Day of Action in Abidjan.