Joined forces: Nuru and Health[e]Foundation for “Informed mothers and healthy babies in Ethiopia and Kenya”

Health[e]Foundation, Nuru Ethiopia, and Nuru Kenya are teaming up for yet another exciting collaborative project to implement the LUCY maternal and neonatal health app among (expectant) mothers in southern Ethiopia and western Kenya. The LUCY app provides accurate, personalized, and accessible health information and helps (expectant) mothers to make healthy and informed decisions about their own health and the health of their babies.

Lack of access to quality health information for (expectant) mothers is still leading to maternal and infant morbidity and mortality from preventable causes. This holds true for Ethiopia and Kenya as well, especially in hard-to-reach areas. With our new collaboration, Health[e]Foundation and Nuru aim to enhance the inclusivity of the LUCY app to stretch its reach to remote areas in southern Ethiopia and western Kenya.

Together we embarked on a new 18-month project called “Informed mothers, healthy babies in Ethiopia and Kenya” that runs up to September 2024. With the project we aim to:

  1. Develop, test, and evaluate a Share-to-Care functionality for the LUCY app;
  2. Mobilise and train 100 health workers in southern Ethiopia and Western Kenya with a maternal and child health blended learning course;
  3. Scale LUCY’s reach to 6,000 (expectant) mothers via Nuru’s care group model;
  4. Collect and analyse anonymous LUCY user data and translate these into measurable results and impact.

Last month, Health[e]Foundation met with the Nuru teams in Kenya and Ethiopia. During the visit, needs assessments were conducted with (expectant) mothers and community health workers. The outcomes will lead to informed development of the Share-to-Care functionality and the blended learning course.

We are very excited to continue our journey with Nuru and deliver on our joint mission to facilitate healthy and informed pregnancies for all!