Introducing our new board member Jane Achan

Health[e]Foundation is proud to be guided by a core group of experts that form the Supervisory Board of the Foundation. We are pleased that Dr Jane Achan recently joined the Board and like to introduce her to the Health[e]Foundation audience:

Dr. Jane Achan – board member Healht[e]Foundation

Jane is trained as a medical doctor in Uganda with a master’s degree in Pediatrics and Child health, a master’s training in Clinical Trials, and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. She is an experienced provider of technical support for clinical research, public health and epidemiological strategies to health organizations focused on operational and clinical research activities. She has been actively involved in epidemiological surveillance for malaria morbidity and mortality and has provided technical support to national malaria control agencies. She has excelled in her advisory role and provision of technical support on case management policy issues on (inter)national level. She is also a practicing pediatrician and is actively involved in health worker training for malaria case management in both East and West Africa.

Global health and digital learning
Jane believes that a global health approach is critical in ensuring universal health care. By advocating for global solutions that create fundamental impact on global health issues, the ultimate goal is to improve health equity and reduce health disparities. Digital learning is a key component of global health as it ensures access to learning portals and activities in a way that covers larger numbers and wider geographical scopes in a way that may not be feasible using other learning approaches.

New role as Board member of Health[e]Foundation
That is why Jane is happy and excited to join the board of Health[e] Foundation, as she applauds the nature of work they have done and has witnessed the impact of their work especially in Uganda. She points out:

‘Health[e]Foundation’s e-learning platforms promote skilling of health care workers across different levels of care and have contributed greatly to improvement in quality of care. This contribution to equity and reducing health disparities is a noble cause that I fully support.’

She hopes to bring to the board her expertise in pediatrics and child health, an area of increasing need in equitable access to good quality health care. She also brings on board a network of potential collaborators that could work with Health[e]Foundation in developing collaborative activities and projects. In addition, her multinational experience offers an additional opportunity to understand health care needs across different settings.

Jane looks forward to a fruitful contribution to the Supervisory Board and would like to see growth in the organization in terms of scope of activities and new partnerships.
The Health[e]Foundation team and members of the Supervisory Board are wishing Jane a warm welcome!