Introducing Dr. Yekoyesew W. Belete

Health[e]Foundation is proud to be guided by a core group of experts that form the Supervisory Board of the Foundation. We are pleased that Dr Yekoyesew W. Belete recently joined the Board, read below his inspiring introduction:

I am honoured to join the esteemed community at Health[e]Foundation (HeF) as a newly appointed Supervisory Board Member. As a Global Health Systems Specialist, my passion lies in advocating for the holistic well-being of all individuals. I firmly believe that for the greatest impact on human well-being, individuals should be the ultimate decision-makers in their health matters. My vision for HeF revolves around empowering global citizens to be well-informed, equipped, and enabled to make decisions about their own health. I believe that public health efforts can be most impactful and efficient when stakeholders, like myself and my colleagues, support individuals in taking charge of their health decisions.

Having observed HeF’s commendable mission and strategies contributing to resilient local and global health systems, I encourage the organization to further enhance its capacity to empower citizens worldwide. My advice is to focus on advocating for household and community-level health production, ensuring that individuals are not merely dependent on government leaders for their healthcare needs. This approach is especially crucial in Low and Middle-Income Country settings, where the complexity of meeting healthcare needs through traditional channels is increasing.

As a fresh member of the HeF board, I bring 18 years of experience in global health practice across three African countries – Ethiopia, Zambia, and Rwanda. I am committed to collaborating with fellow board members to turn HeF’s vision into reality, leveraging my expertise to contribute effectively to the organization’s noble mission. Together, let us work towards a future where empowered individuals play a central role in shaping their health destinies, fostering resilient health systems globally.

New board member Dr. Yekoyesew W. Belete