32nd International Day of Midwives Celebration: Midwives as a Vital Climate Solution

On 17 May, Project Managers Emebet Hussen and Emma Donley were able to attend the prestigious International Day of Midwives celebration hosted by our partners, the Ethiopian Midwives Association in Addis Ababa. Many esteemed community members, including several midwives, attended the event.

The primary focus of the celebration, beyond recognizing the instrumental work that midwives do for their community every day, was how vital midwives are as part of the climate change solution. Across more than 13 keynote speeches, it became clear that climate change disproportionately impacts women and children across the globe. To combat this, climate change and its impacts on mothers and babies should be integrated into the education of midwives.

Awards were given to six midwives who had done outstanding work for their community, including midwives who had raised community funds to purchase an ambulance, successfully completed many caesarian sections for pregnant women and serviced their community in challenging humanitarian crisis and teaching the community members to avoid cultural malpractice.

Finally, there were several engaging presentations on several relevant topics for the midwifery profession, including safe abortion guidelines, technological support in reducing infant and maternal mortality, and the introduction of a safe delivery app to support midwives during childbirth.

We are thankful for the opportunity to attend this celebration, and grateful to both EMwA and the midwives who continue their lifesaving work every day!

Sintayehu, a Project Manager, presenting our Emergency[e]Response course training project.

Two of our Project Managers, Emma and Emebet, attending the 32nd International Day of the Midwife Celebration.