Impact Matters and Microsoft!

An equally exciting as challenging project for Health[e]Foundation this year is the development of our new m-health tool MyHealth@Hand. MyHealth@Hand is a smartphone application (app) for (pregnant) women and healthcare providers. The app supports women and healthcare workers with easy access to personal medical data, improved communication “at hand” and relevant information to empower women during and after their pregnancy. Read more about the app here.

Developing an app is a complex journey that requires technical, content-related, strategic, marketing and financial expertise, to mention a few. Health[e]Foundation concentrates her energy mainly on the content and the implementation of the app. As we want to establish an app with a longlasting, impactful and thriving lifespan we acknowledge that a strong business and marketing plan is needed to support sustainability.

That’s why we connected with Impact Matters, a foundation that matches idealistic organizations with corporate businesses who have expertise in fields like marketing, communication and human resource. Henriette van Eeghen, Director of Impact Matters connected us with a team of Microsoft staff for support in developing a business/marketing plan for MyHealth@Hand. The first inspirational meeting took place on 16th October. We look forward to learn from the expertise of the Microsoft team and use their advice to secure a bright future for MyHealth@Hand and bring our app to the world, because impact matters!


Health[e]Foundation meets with Microsoft experts. Left to right: Dirk de Jong (Microsoft), Wendy Fiene (Microsoft), Myrna Derksen (Health[e]Foundation), Nadine Pakker (Health[e]Foundation), Judith de Lange (Health[e]Foundation), Marvin Woodly (Microsoft), Annelot Verbrugge (Microsoft)