HIV Treat’n Care[e]Education in China

In collaboration with the Chinese Association for STD and AIDS Prevention and Control (CASA) Health[e]Foundation successfully trained 50 healthcare workers with the HIV Treat’n Care[e]Education course in China in the period of June – October 2017.

This project was more distance-based than we are used to: we did not physically go to China, but used online communication techniques. Instead of a kick-off workshop, the program kick-started with a video-call whereby the partners, Health[e]Foundation and participants got to know each other and where participants received the introduction to the digital platform. During the self-study period participants were encouraged to interact with peers and to seek e-tutor support via a WeChat-group (the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp). The WeChat-group was used actively by the participants, local coordinators Liu Peng and Kang Wengting and turned out to be a successful medium for direct communication, for questions as well as to announce deadlines and send out reminders. Based on this positive experience we are looking into and piloting options for other countries and programs to communicate with participants via smartphone applications such as Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp.

“Through this course, I learned about AIDS-related knowledge, and this knowledge is closely related to work in the clinic. I will benefit for life‚ I will use it in my daily practice and share with others.”

The, also distance based, evaluation confirmed that the participants were very positive about the course. The participants mentioned they gained a huge amount of new knowledge and shared examples how they were able to apply their new knowledge in their daily clinical practice. The success rate and the positive opinion of the participants towards the course confirm that e-learning with distance support is a very effective method to train healthcare workers.

With their feedback we are positive to continue to train more Chinese health care workers and adapt and improve the course based on the experience with distance-learning only in China.