Health[e]Foundation attends the 13th European Global Health Congress, ECTMIH 2023, in Utrecht.

Health[e]Foundation attended the ECTMIH 2023 conference 20-23 November in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The aim of  ECTMIH 2023 was to accelerate the understanding, appreciation, and connections between tropical medicine, global health, and the urgent field of planetary health. The conference built on global health traditions to emphasize the importance of health equity and universal health coverage to ensure that all populations – and especially those in low(er) resource settings – have optimal chances of health and wellbeing. Crosscutting themes supporting this central planetary health focus included prevention, diagnostic innovation, treatment and care; public and community health; Universal Health Coverage and health equity; health policy and the role of social sciences in global health research.

During the conference, Health[e]Foundation underscored its commitment to addressing the relationship between human health and the wellbeing of the planet using digital tools. The conference  offered workshops, panel discussions, and collaborative sessions. Being part of the ECTMIH 2023 was an opportunity for us to discuss and to learn more about  initiatives that promote optimal health and wellbeing in diverse communities worldwide using digital health tools.

Looking ahead towards 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the conference contributed to valuable lessons learnt and important messages for our continued implementation. We particularly will bring with us;1) Collaborative efforts allow the pooling of diverse resources, both financial and intellectual, creating a synergy that enables a more comprehensive and effective approach to global health issues. 2) Empowering Local Expertise. Recognizing and empowering local expertise in our implementing geographies is essential for sustainable and context-specific solutions. 3) Encouraging the active participation of researchers from low and middle-income countries, along with global thinkers, policy makers, and decision-makers, fosters diverse perspectives. Inclusivity strengthens the quality and impact of research, ensuring a more comprehensive and globally relevant approach.

We look forward to ECTMIH2025 in Germany!

Interactive note taking during a panel discussion on the new global health strategy