Health[e]Families Day!

At Health[e]Foundation, we believe that a healthy life is key to success and being a family-friendly workplace is at the core of our organization.  “Good health, both mental as well as physical, is extremely important for the best achievements, whether these are personal or work-related. A healthy balance between family and work helps to fulfill both family and work obligations” says Executive Director Nadine Pakker. When your employees start work each day they bring their dedication, responsibilities, experiences and emotions with them. For working parents, that includes their family and their daily struggles. A family friendly culture shows employees that their employers value their lives beyond the office.

Last week we took the chance to spend a day with our families together. The outing aimed to welcome our youngest family members, strengthen our personal relationships and allowed for a well-deserved break from all the hard work Health[e]Foundation does.  The team spent the morning at an alpaca farm, where we learnt more about the lives of alpacas, fed them and of course hugged and took selfies with them! An activity very much appreciated by both young and old.

Staff and their families with the photogenic Alpaca
A refreshing walk on the beach after lunch