Health[e]Living 4 Schools at the American School of The Hague

Since 2010, Health[e]Foundation provides an annual training for students 15-16 years of age at the American School of The Hague. The program, called Health[e]Living 4 Schools, focuses on strengthening life-skills to empower young adolescents by addressing decision making and communication skills in relation to on- and offline relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation and safe sex. Students learn about social emotional aspects of (sexual) relationships with themselves and with others. During the 90 minutes sessions we use various techniques to engage the students in the discussion.

Every year we adapt the program based on new insights and trends in the world of love, relationships, (safe) sex and gender and input from students of the previous years. For example, in 2017, in the evaluation students indicated that they would have liked to discuss same-sex relationships and safe sex more extensively. This year gender identity, sexual orientation and safe sex for same-sex couples were an important part of the workshop.

For some, the biological aspects of sex and relationships have been addressed in science class before, so especially the focus on the social emotional aspects was appreciated. Several students mentioned that they appreciated that the facilitators emphasized that adolescence is a time in which individuals start to find out who they are and/or who they want to be; that feeling confused and insecure about that is perfectly normal; and that, in the end, whoever you want to be is ok.

Each workshop ended with a male and female condom workshop. Many students had practiced with the male condom before in science class, but: practice makes perfect! For the female condom, most students had heard about it or even seen one, but never touched it before.

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