Health[e]Foundation has the 501(c)3 status

Thanks to the Netherland America Foundation (NAF) Health[e]Foundation is eligible to receive tax deductible gifts and funding from U.S. donors.

Like many Netherlands-based cultural, educational and charitable institutions Health[e]foundation was seeking funds in the United States to support its mission. A major obstacle for our fundraising efforts in the USA is that gifts made by U.S. taxpayers directly to Dutch Institutions are not deductible for U.S. tax purposes.

The NAF has established a legal structure to facilitate cost-effective and tax-efficient cooperation in fundraising with Dutch Institutions. The Friends Fund Program gives U.S. donors the advantage of a U.S. income and gift tax deduction for their gifts.

Health[e]Foundation is very grateful to have been accepted as part of the American Friends Fund with the NAF. No more need for creating and administering our own charitable organization in the U.S., while also saving expenses associated with accounting, auditing, legal counselling or filing annual tax returns.
We are now eligible for a large variety of U.S.-based funding agencies from Amazon to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!