Health[e]Foundation expands to open source platform Moodle


As online learning becomes the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Health[e]Foundation is moving with the times. In addition to our multifunctional and reliable Learning Management System (LMS), tailormade by CrossmarX BV, the team decided to broaden our horizons. At Health[e]Foundation, we aim to continuously improve our services and learned from our work with global partners that using an open source learning platform in addition to our trustworthy LMS would be of added value. Moodle is an open source LMS which has its own application compatible with both iOS and Android computers and smartphones and allows courses to be downloaded and used offline. Health[e]Foundation adopted  Articulate Rise 360, a software product  that is highly suited to building attractive, user-friendly e-courses, including interactive activities such as scenarios, flashcards, drag and drop activities, and embedded videos for learning, to be  uploaded to the Moodle LMS. The combination of Moodle and Articulate Rise results in a highly flexible learning environment and promotes ownership and easy access to the course materials for our partners and participants. Moodle also facilitates sustainability and continuity of our projects, as we are able to carry out curriculum development, inbuilding and implementation of e-courses, and thereafter provide capacity building to train our partners on how to maintain, manage and own the courses. Based on our expertise, Health[e]Foundation can offer support in curriculum development, inbuilding and implementation of e-learning courses and provide capacity building through training organizations in how to maintain and manage their courses on the Moodle platform.


Moving Forward

With this expansion, Health[e]Foundation aims to take the next step towards sustainable capacity development and provide more interactive e-learning resources, while maintaining accessibility both on- and offline for our diverse group of users.

Health[e]Foundation and our partner Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) are eager to kick-off the first training course on sexual and reproductive health and rights on the Moodle platform in Ethiopa as part of the Orange Knowledge Programme funded by Nuffic.

If services including curriculum development, development and implementation of e-learning modules and projects, and/or investment in sustainable capacity development are of interest to you or your company or organization, please do not hesitate to reach out to