Health[e]Families Kick-Off workshops in Ethiopia

Last June, the Health[e]Foundation team returned to Ethiopia for the Health[e]Families project. Our project manager Vera Jamin was accompanied by Marie-Michele Umulisa from Kigali, Rwanda, who has been of great value for the implementation of the Health[e]Families project in Rwanda. We were pleased to not only introduce an efficient way of assistance to the intense workshop program in Ethiopia but also add an intercountry capacity building and sharing of experience component to the project.

On the 13th of June, a kick-off workshop was conducted in Dire Dawa for a total of 69 medical doctors and midwives. On the 16th of June, we trained 80 medical doctors and midwives in Mekele, which is by far the biggest group ever trained in Ethiopia!
The workshops started with a demonstration of the e-learning whereby all the participants practiced with accessing the course via their USB sticks and also online via the website. LUCY, the mobile informative message-service for pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies, was also introduced to the trainees. All the participants were asked to become a mentor to one of their colleagues in order to reach out to even more health care workers who are not able to attend the workshops but are interested in gaining more knowledge through the Female and Family[e]Education course.

In the next newsletter, we will report on the results of the follow-up workshop in Jimma.

To all the new Dire Dawa and Mekele participants: Good luck starting the course!