Goodbye Vera!

Last week, after 2,5 years at Health[e]Foundation we waved goodbye to Vera. She is starting a new position at Cordaan, combining prevention, patient care and education in the region of Amsterdam. During her master studies she joined us for her thesis on the m-health LUCY project in Ethiopia. Ever since, the Health[e]Families project in Ethiopia has benefitted enormously from her input and enthusiasm. We will miss her passion, her team spirit and her beautiful smile but for sure will keep in touch as we treasure the Health[e]Foundation family. Good luck Vera!

Vera’s personal note:

“After 2,5 years it is time for me to take the next step in my career. I have worked for Health[e]foundation with a lot of passion and pleasure. The organization allowed me to travel through Africa, to meet interesting people and get familiar with different cultures. I have travelled to Ethiopia several times and I will never forget this country and its people. I have learned and developed myself so much, it has truly been an exciting journey! Thanks to everybody who I have worked with throughout the years and maybe we’ll cross paths again in the future. Special thanks to the amazing team of Health[e]Foundation in Amsterdam. I will miss you guys! Cheers!”