Goodbye – Hello: Daphne Elberse and Sarah Ward

Goodbye – Hello: Daphne Elberse and Sarah Ward

After working for three and a half years at Health[e]Foundation, Daphne Elberse is pursuing a new job. Daphne started as project manager at Health[e]Foundation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Health[e]Foundation used its expertise to cope with challenges and created new opportunities such as switching to the opensource Learning Management System Moodle and offering digital service solutions for organization interested in digitalization of health education and knowledge sharing. Daphne has been key for these developments, and was involved in many successful projects in East Africa, and worldwide.

As we wave goodbye and wish her the best in her new job, we are happy to introduce our  new project manager, Sarah Ward.

Hello! I’m Sarah, and last year I completed my master’s degree in Global Health Research from Vrije Universiteit. I pursued this degree because of my passion for effecting positive change in public health on a large scale. My specific areas of interest within this field include sexual and reproductive health rights, as well as maternal and child health. Throughout my degree, I gained a solid foundation in decolonized, ethical, and sustainable approaches to addressing complex health challenges. I’m ready to begin applying this knowledge to my new role as Project Manager at Health[e]Foundation! I was drawn to this organization because of its commitment to enhancing health and promoting health equity internationally, particularly in the areas I am most passionate about. I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute to Health[e]Foundation’s missions and continue to grow as a global health professional. Beyond my work, I enjoy reading, playing with my two cats, running, and, above all, traveling.

Health[e]Foundation embraces change and we look forward to this new chapter!

Sarah Ward, our new project manager.

Daphne Elberse at the e-learning conference in Kigali 2022