Goodbye Deborah

This week, Deborah Maufi said goodbye to the Health[e]Foundation team. As project manager she has been involved in various projects in East Africa.

Deborah played a big part in the development of the MyHealth@Hand app which she piloted in Uganda and Tanzania. She proofed to be of great value in testing the app and learning from the experiences of (pregnant) women and healthcare providers who started using the app. With her Tanzanian roots she expanded our network for collaboration in East Africa.

Furthermore, Deborah trained adolescents in Uganda and the Netherlands with the Health[e]Living program and community health workers with the Health[e]Community program in Rwanda. Her medical background and interest in SRHR topics was vital for the development of training materials for Ethiopian midwife students.

We will miss Deborah’s open and vibrant personality and her drive to bring projects forward. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.