Goodbye … and hello!

February is a month of goodbyes and hellos for Health[e]Foundation!

Last week we sadly said goodbye to our colleague Renée van Hoof, who has been managing our Health[e]Families project in Ethiopia. She was privileged to be selected for the Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) learning program at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, combining four working days per week at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one day teaching and training at the University. In the 1,5 years that Renée worked at Health[e]Foundation she has successfully worked on increasing the impact of the Health[e]Families project in Ethiopia. We will miss Renée both as a colleague as well as for her kitesurf and houseboat restoration stories during lunch time.

This week we welcome our new colleague Alyanne Boon. Alyanne has experience in marketing, project management and fundraising. Alyanne will join the Health[e]Families project team as project manager. With her background in marketing and fundraising we are looking forward to her input on how we can promote our courses and services and secure new sources of funding to contribute to our mission.

In addition, we are happy to welcome Annemijn Blok-Versteeg in our Amsterdam team. Annemijn has travelled around the world and supported us as consultant from Thailand, Moscow and Egypt for many years. She and her family recently remigrated to the Netherlands and Annemijn will join the team for 1-2 days a week. Initially she will focus on our refugee projects and although she has always been part of the team at a distance, we are happy to have her nearby on a weekly basis!