Empowering Communities: Follow-Up Workshops on Health[e]family Program in Ethiopia

Health[e]Foundation’s Country Representative, Hailu Kassa and Project Manager Emebet Hussen, traveled to Arba Minch to conduct follow-up workshops with the Nuru Ethiopia team for the Health[e]Family program. The two workshops took place in Zefine and Selamber City from May 20th to 23rd 2024. Workshop attendees included Zonal and Woreda representatives, as well as the 50 health extension workers (HEWs) who enrolled in the Health[e]Family course training program in February 2024.

Over the last two months, these HEWs were tasked with completing half of the Health[e]Family e-course material, registering expectant mothers, and providing health information to these mothers with the help of LUCY Care. Additionally, the HEWs conducted training for Care Group Representatives on diverse topics, including food demonstrations.

During the workshops, there were presentations on Health[e]Family modules, as well as demonstrations on self-breast examination and breastfeeding positions. The HEWs also participated in interviews and focus group discussions to provide feedback about the e-learning modules and the Lucy Care app. We are thankful for their feedback are eager to incorporate it into future programs.

A group of HEWs participate in a focus group discussion during a follow-up workshop.
HEWs participating in interviews to provide their feedback on the program.

We would like to thank our partners at Nuru Ethiopia, the Gamo Zone Health Bureau, and the Kucha and Boreda Woreda health offices for their commitment and support throughout all activities of this program. We also express our deepest appreciation to Dioraphte and Stichting Virtutis Opus for their generous support. Finally, we want to thank our dedicated HEWs who are at the core of this program.