Finally together again!

This Monday 7th of June, with COVID-19 restrictions slowly waning in the Netherlands due to favorable vaccination results and with lots of sunshine following an extremely wet spring season, the Health[e]Foundation team finally got back together again “in real life”.

Outdoor, at a distance, without hugs and kisses, but with great motivation and positive energy we tackled strategic outlines, technology, didactics, HR, and of course used this get-together to boost the team spirit and catch up on work-related as well as non-work related matters.

Can you imagine that half of our team never met in real life, though we feel very connected through our daily virtual stand-ups since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our annual report 2020 will soon be published and has been a great anchor for the deliberations during this retreat. Besides the results and highlights of 2020, the annual report presents the strategic outline and focus areas of 2021: e-learning, mobile health and digital service solutions with focus on maternal & child health, SRHR/advocacy, community health and prevention, and mental health.


Though it sounds like the perfect contradictio in terminis, 2021 will be the year for focus as well as expansion. Focus on didactics, our curriculum and best practice solutions; expansion in services, beneficiaries and network.

With redefined topics for our e-learning programs, with new insights how to provide meaningful education and information services, with Moodle as our newly adopted Learning Management System, with LUCY as our successful mobile health app and with a growing global interest in the digital solutions and experience that Health[e]Foundation can offer, we know what is needed and what lies ahead of us.

In the coming weeks we will continue to organize similar retreats to allocate dedicated teamwork to these core activities, and of course, enjoy the treasure and pleasure of spending time together.