Exploring Digital Commons in Health

Organized by Makers Nord Sud collective with the support of the DIRECCT program of the French Development Agency, Health[e]Foundation’s Lisa Gullbransson was invited to speak during a webinar on “Digital commons for Health”.

This meeting aimed to discover, gather and reflect on the different granularities of the digital commons that makes it possible to share tools, knowledge and solutions in the field of health.

From open data to information and training content, open-source software and open hardware, this meeting also sought to bring visions, analyses and testimonials from actors by reviewing old and new types of digital health common, connecting people across the globe from  Botswana to Cameroon via France, Senegal, the Netherlands and Ivory Coast.

Health[e]Foundation spoke about our use of open source Moodle and focused on e-learning and mobile health solutions. The LUCY app was used as an example of the history of our journey – from USBs and desktops to open source LMS! 

We wish to thank Hugues Aubin, from the Climate Change Lab, co-founder of the Makers Nord-Sud collective and of #forgeCC and the DIRECCT EU program of Europe and the French Development Agency for inviting us to share our experience at this meeting open to all. We look forward to many more interactions with the FabLab hubs and especially Climate Change lab! 

 Click here to see the whole webinar: