Ethiopia continues Female&Family workshops in February 2017!

In between the Ethiopian New Year (11th of September) and the celebration of New Year in the Netherlands (1st of January) the Health[e]Families project in Ethiopia faced some challenges but kept on going strong thanks to the tireless efforts of our local partners, the Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) and the Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMWA) and our motivated trainees!

Due to circumstances in October 2016, the follow-up workshop in Adama had to be canceled, but this workshops is now scheduled for February of this year. During this upcoming episode of workshops in February we will travel around Ethiopia and cover an impressive number of 5 different locations for kick-off and follow-up workshops: Adama, Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Jimma and Dessie.

In December an important consortium agreement was signed between Health[e]Foundation, TTC Mobile and Maternity Foundation, focusing on the mhealth component of the project. The SMS service for pregnant women will be launched during the workshops in February 2017 to promote timely and regular antenatal care attendance among pregnant women. The service covers a comprehensive range of safe pregnancy and newborn care information. All messages are scheduled to the specific period of the pregnancy, delivery and age of the baby. The project aim is to deliver SMS information on maternal and newborn health to 4000 community members.