Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course reaches 1,000 participants milestone

In June 2021, the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Mainline Foundation, Frontline AIDS, and Health[e]Foundation launched the first e-learning modules of the Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course developed to move the world towards decriminalisation and away from the war on drugs. Today, after adding many more e-learning modules and translating the course from English into French, Russian, and Arabic as well, we are proud to announce that we have reached our 1,000 participants milestone.

Drug Decriminalisation[e]Course

Drug decriminalisation is the removal of criminal penalties for certain activities related to drug use. The key objective of decriminalisation is to end the punishment and stigmatisation of people who use drugs. When implemented alongside a harm reduction-oriented approach, decriminalisation can provide a basis from which health interventions can be voluntarily accessed by people who use drugs – without fear of stigma, arrest, and detention. By providing this free online course consisting of seven interactive, engaging modules in multiple languages our consortium aims to support partners worldwide on ending the criminalising approaches to drug use and personal possession.

Evaluation results

Analysis of 201 evauation surveys that were conducted between January 2023 and January 2024 highlights the high relevance of the e-course for participants’ work, activism, and/or interest in drug policy as well as an increase in participant satisfaction compared to last year’s analysis. The percentage of learners who are (very) likely to recommend the course to others slightly decreased to 89%.

Measured via 201 evaluation surveys conducted from January 2023 up until January 2024

Multi-device on- and offline learning

Join the course for free and learn about the different models of drug decriminalisation and how to become an impactful influencer on this topic via the IDPC / Health[e]Foundation e-learning platform. The course is hosted on the Moodle learning platform customized for IDPC. Moodle offers a mobile app in the Google Play Store and App Store giving participants the possibility for multi-device learning. Participants can study online and offline via their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The learning content is 100% responsive and adaptive to the device used for learning.

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