Driving social progress at the 2023 Skoll World Forum

Health[e]Foundation attended the 20th Skoll World Forum in Oxford mid-April. The annual event where social entrepreneurs and social innovators gather to connect and collaborate on equitable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Emphasis was given to the shift of power to social entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries who, often with the support from international funders and NGO’s, work on pressing issues and positively change the future of their communities.

Health[e]Foundation embraces this way of working and has been working with a bottom-up approach since its inception 20 years ago. Programs are driven by needs that are distinguished in the countries we work in, thereafter interventions – such as e-learning curricula or m-health solutions – are co-created and implemented in collaboration with local partners. Always with the aim to empower local organizations and communities. Capacitating them with the knowledge and tools they need, and sustainably embedding these within their organizations. We believe that strong healthcare systems and thriving communities are fostered by capacitating health actors in the adoption of digital health education and innovation.

Besides exchanging best practices with the inspiring social entrepreneurs and various innovative consortia at the Skoll World Forum, we had the opportunity to meet with our partner Nuru International (see picture) with whom we recently started collaborating in the field of planetary health. Together we will be empowering smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and Kenya with digital health education, improving their lives and livelihoods. We look forward to continue driving social progress together!