Digital Learning Solutions for Your Organization

Since 2003, Health[e]Foundation has been a frontrunner in e-learning programs for healthcare professionals in worlds most-deprived regions. More than 18 years of experience in the field taught us the importance of providing postgraduate training for health professionals and the enormous need and potential for digital learning methods, which has spiraled as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, we do not only develop and implement our own digital tools and programs, but also offer our services to others interested in providing e-learning programs.

E-learning is a powerful tool to build capacity, even in the most resource limited areas. It is proven to be more flexible, effective, and efficient than traditional learning methods. However, developing online, or a combination of on- and offline (blended) learning, solutions can be challenging and time-consuming.

The advantages of e-learning compared to traditional learning:

  • Cost efficiency: 25-35% reduction in costs
  • Effective: knowledge gain of learners is twice as high 
  • Flexibility: learning anytime and anywhere
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E-conversion of content      
Course implementation on Health[e]Foundation platform      
Maintenance and support      
Curriculum development    
Monitoring and evaluation    
Course implementation on customized platform  

Health[e]Foundation is experienced in building and implementing (blended) digital learning solutions and offers services for curriculum development, e-conversion, implementation, and/or evaluation of learning solutions. Our team of experts can support organizations by creating meaningful and interactive e-learning curricula. Three support packages are available: light, standard, and premium.

Interested to learn how Health[e]Foundation can create digital learning that works for your organization and your clients? Find out more about our digital learning solutions via our online demo or contact Nadine directly for more information.